Oil Changes

Time for an Oil Change?

Ever heard of viscosity breakdown?   Viscosity breakdown is usually caused by not changing your cars engine oil as often as recommended.

Your car’s engine is a series of moving metal parts and motor oil is what keeps those parts from grinding on each other.  The oil also helps transfer heat and without it the cars engine would eventually seize.   Most cars require oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000.  As your car’s engine ages it requires heavier weights of oil depending on the needed level of protection.

We carry a variety of synthetic and non-synthetic motor oils and service nearly all import and domestic brands of cars and trucks.  To put it in laymen’s terms non-synthetic oil is oil that originally came from deep within the earths crust and has been refined to be used industrially.  Synthetic oil has nearly the same properties as “natural” oil, however it has been made in a laboratory or factory.

Although synthetic oil is very similar to non-synthetic oil, it is highly resistant to viscosity breakdown, heat, and friction from inside the engine.  Viscosity breakdown is the loss of ability of the oil to lubricate.   Non-synthetic oil is used regularly and is a suitable choice in many cases, however one of the key differences is that non-synthetic oil has a lack of chemical fortification that is infused in the manufacturing process of synthetic oil that causes the oil to breakdown more easily than it’s synthetic counterpart.

At Advanced Automotive we use both synthetic and non-synthetic oil.  Call us today to schedule an oil change for your car or truck.